About Us



Our Mission: We opened our doors at 294 N. Capitol in 1993.  We believe our first responsibility is to provide excellent customer service. Our products and services are intended to help people in our community grow together in upcoming trends and ever changing fashions.   We specialize in beauty products and providing quality hair extensions in all textures and colors from the blondest blonde to the darkest black.   We pride ourselves in providing products that are difficult for people to find.  If you have a product you are unable to locate, just let us know, we will make every effort to try to locate it for you.   

Salon Services:  In 2012 we also opened a hair salon at 294 N. Capitol, San Jose, CA, where we have been blessed to have the most talented, courteous and punctual stylists in Northern California.  We recently expanded with the opening of a new salon at 286 N. Capitol, San Jose, CA called Nefertiti “The Next Level” Hair Salon. The opening of our new salon has enabled us to provide even greater service and creativity to our clients.   Again, the priority of our staff, be it hairstylists or sales associate is to provide the best customer service and hair services possible.  We welcome feedback from our customers, and try to make certain every customer leaves our store or salon “happy”!!

We believe that beauty is essential in every women.  We have developed this site 
for everyday busy women.  We hope you enjoy browsing through our site.  Nefertiti is dedicated to provide you, our “most” valuable customer with excellent customer service.  We know and understand that you have many choices out there, but we would like to take this time and say “Thank You” for visiting our site, we appreciate you!!  

Our Mission Statement